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Latest Episode

In honor of last month being National Poetry Writing Month, this episode features an interview with poet, professor, and actor/director, Shane Signorino in a conversation that goes off the rails from poetry, writing, artistic approach and voice, to pool noodle mishaps, and Daily D*ck Pic Dan.

**As a content warning, this episode contains both Clean and Explicit versions! Both available now for download.

If you'd like to see the video of this episode's interview and get access to past bonus stories for a mere $1 a month, visit patreon.com/rockettefox.


Spooky Forest

About the Show

Lovers of all things strange, allow me to be your guide as we journey through peculiar tales, curious histories, and uncanny cases!


Rockette Fox is a Korean-American storyteller, illustrator, performer, designer of oddities, and embracer of the strange. She's spoken nationally on topics such as villainesses, diversity in media, storytelling, and folktales for over seven years. 


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