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There is something about a tale of a good haunting that is hard not to be intrigued by if not love.  The mystery, the unknown, the experience that seems to defy logic. Of course in an ideal world at the end of the day we can leave a haunting behind and return to trusting our senses. Or can we? What if the strange things we're sometimes feeling and seeing aren't coming from veils beyond but from somewhere much, much closer and harder to escape?

Be wary, the haunting might just be coming from inside in tonight's episode. Additionally, be aware that we take a little more of a pure storytelling turn for our second tale and, true to topic, it is an eerie tale.

Spooky Forest

About the Show

Lovers of all things strange, allow me to be your guide as we journey through peculiar tales, curious histories, and uncanny cases!


Rockette Fox is a Korean-American storyteller, illustrator, performer, designer of oddities, and embracer of the strange. She's spoken nationally on topics such as villainesses, diversity in media, storytelling, and folktales for over seven years. 

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