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This week, we look at some science surrounding those classic sun-shy, horror icons of the night with that little habit for blood: vampires, including a scientist who built a calculator to see how long humanity would last in various vampire outbreak scenarios, the nutritional drawbacks to a blood-only diet, and how fangs might impact your life.

This week's bonus episode  is about the science of blood and youth - and using blood to regain youth... To find out more, learn how to support, and take a peek, visit patreon.com/rockettefox!

Spooky Forest

About the Show

Lovers of all things strange, allow me to be your guide as we journey through peculiar tales, curious histories, and uncanny cases!


Rockette Fox is a Korean-American storyteller, illustrator, performer, designer of oddities, and embracer of the strange. She's spoken nationally on topics such as villainesses, diversity in media, storytelling, and folktales for over seven years. 

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