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Latest Episode

Join me this episode for an incredible conversation with the amazing Mortellus - mortician, necromancer, medium, witch, author, and more - as we talk over facets of the soul in different cultures, why it's important to have a Death Plan B, the real tea on necromancy, and what my own post-life plans are. Spoiler alert, it's going to probably end in an arrest...

*Content Warning: We are once again talking over death, this time with a little more detail although we do also cover some information I feel is very important so please proceed with caution and awareness.

If you'd like to see the video of this episode's interview - including the chance to see Zi perform slight of hand - and get access to past bonus stories for a mere $1 a month, visit

Spooky Forest

About the Show

Lovers of all things strange, allow me to be your guide as we journey through peculiar tales, curious histories, and uncanny cases!


Rockette Fox is a Korean-American storyteller, illustrator, performer, designer of oddities, and embracer of the strange. She's spoken nationally on topics such as villainesses, diversity in media, storytelling, and folktales for over seven years. 


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